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Lara, Founder of The Cushion Cafe

I have always been very keen on interior design and over the years I’ve redecorated, re-vamped and on one occasion practically rebuilt a property and loved the final stages of putting colours and textures together to make the place homely and feather my nest.

They say the universe works in mysterious ways and I now believe this wholeheartedly!  A family member asked if I could upholster a piano stool for them and so I booked myself on an upholstery course and it was the most enjoyable most fulfilling thing I’d done in a long time.  I got the bug and then found a wonderful lady in Bray that had taught upholstery (City & Guilds) at the East Berks College for years . I learnt under her for 5 years whilst also still working in my beauty business before I felt confident to go it alone.   It was the best decision I ever made. I now have a thriving upholstery business. 

My favourite restoration projects are where the item of furniture really means something to my client; a family heirloom, a chair their children used to sit in or just a chair that has always been the comfiest one to snuggle up in on a cold rainy day.  We live in such a throw away society now, I think more than ever we need to try to restore rather than replace.

So, my future plans are to continue learning and creating and restoring beautiful items of furniture so that my clients will fall in love with them again.  The moment I deliver their finished item back to them is the best part of the job, to see their faces light up with happiness and sometimes shock at the transformation is just fabulous, and when they stroke and sit in their loved chair with a huge smile on their face my heart is full.

Now for The Cushion Cafe …..

I found that after providing my upholstery service more and more clients asked for cushions to be made from the remainder of fabric I had used to restore their furniture and I really enjoyed sitting at the machine, putting a few designs together and advising on options as well as getting a lovely result fairly quickly. I secretly have always wanted to own a cafe as well and in the early hours of one Sunday morning the name suddenly came to me and it’s really been full steam ahead since then. To me the name The Cushion Cafe conjures up a comfy place, to chill and enjoy your favourite cuppa and maybe purchase a cheeky cushion or two. 

In summary after reading this, I hope the underlying message in all of this narrative is, keep learning, utilise the skills you have, take a chance and listen to your intuition but most of all do what you love and the rest will fall into place.


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