Who doesn't love a cushion?

One of the reasons why I started making them was because I LOVE cushions with a capital L!

You see I love feathering my nest and I find that a lovely quality cushion can not only add a pop of colour but also if you choose a lovely textured fabric it creates the feeling of coziness and comfort in your living area.

I love to go neutral on my walls at home but add a pop of texture of colour with my cushions or if I have a favourite painting or picture on the wall I try to co-ordinate my cushions and bring out those accent colours so it all blends together.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding cushions, really anything goes and it’s down to your personal taste, but here is a diagram that may be of interest to show that there is a bit of a science to it!


diagram of six sofas dressed with different arrangements of cushions

You’ll see from some of my ranges, I’ve put together lots of colours and textures to give you an idea of the beautiful effect you can create on your seating area.

To Chop or Not to Chop?

There is also a huge debate that’s been going on for a few years now regarding how to plump your cushions e.g. should I plump and leave square or should I add a karate chop effect to the top or the sides? 

Once again, it’s down to your personal taste,  I am currently embracing the chopping effect with the thought that it gives a more lived in look so you’re enticed to sit down, but to be honest the effect doesn’t last very long in our house, what with the dogs and the teenagers but I enjoy the visual effect it gives whilst it lasts.

So happy cushion organising and plumping friends!

Lara  x

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